Attorney Jason G. Landess has been practicing law in Nevada for over forty years. He is a distinguished attorney who has tried over fifty trials, and who enjoys an excellent reputation with both the Bench and the Bar. Jason is a corporate attorney who specializes in complex civil litigation in both state and federal courts. He also represents plaintiffs in serious personal injury cases.


Jason earned his stripes as a trial attorney by first working as a prosecutor in California from 1978-1980. Jason then moved to Las Vegas and opened his law firm in 1981. In 1982, Jason took a sabbatical from his Nevada practice and moved to Missouri to serve for two years as General Counsel for a charitable organization, Outreach International. After spending two years traveling to various developing countries to help implement the humanitarian mission of that organization, Jason returned to Las Vegas and resumed the practice of law. Over the past forty years, Jason has been the leading trial and/or appellate counsel for a vast array of clients concerning business matters and/or legal disputes.



Jason is a thinker and a fighter. He graduated magna cum laude from UCLA; and graduated with law review honors from Loyola Law School. He is admitted to practice law in Nevada, California, and Missouri. Additionally, he is admitted to, and briefed cases for, the Fifth and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Regarding how formidable he is in conflict, here is a picture of him about to successfully execute a spinning back kick against an opponent in the 1968 World Karate Championship in Long Beach, California, where he placed 4th in the world:


This picture has hung on Jason’s office wall for many years. As he explains: “While my honorary plaques and awards may convey some sense of my skills as an attorney, every attorney has such hardware on their office walls. But this picture of me in the heat of battle graphically reveals what every client is primarily looking for―namely, a fearless warrior who will defend them without hesitation against someone who is trying to seriously harm them, their family, and/or their business.

This picture enables me to point at it and say, ‘See that guy in the picture? That’s me. I’m just wearing different clothes there from what I am presently wearing. Now I fight with my tongue, wits, and keyboard instead of my fists and feet. But I’m still the same guy. Is that the type of attorney you’re looking for?’”


Over the course of 40 years of practice, Jason has maintained a personal touch that he will never compromise.  However, he has also witnessed the benefits of remote work.  His clients get better service when they don’t have to go to a downtown office―convenience goes up and costs go down.  Jason will meet with you virtually, in person at a location of mutual convenience, or at one of the law firm offices of his close collaborators when needed and convenient for the client.

Other lawyers in town may have their picture on a billboard, but the person on the billboard won’t be handling your case. Big firms hand the actual work to young associates, billing you $700 per hour for someone five years or less out of law school.  Jason, however, handles every matter personally and only rarely delegates work to associates when matters are so complex they require a whole team to manage.  You thus get access to all 40 years of experience for less than the price of a junior lawyer at a big firm because you aren’t paying for a marble conference table and the overhead that comes with it.  That’s part of why Jason’s clients are so satisfied (SEE REVIEWS HERE). 

There’s nothing better in business than getting better service at a better price.



Litigation is expensive and time consuming. Jason’s goal is to therefore guide his clients away from that option if possible. His primary objective is to solve a client’s problem expeditiously and inexpensively. That can sometimes be done by a strategic phone call or email. But learning who to call to perhaps avoid a protracted court battle occurs over decades of time by an attorney’s interaction with other attorneys, judges, expert witnesses, law enforcement, regulators, and people who work, or own businesses in, the private sector. There is just no other practical way to acquire it. And that knowledge is an added value that Jason gladly provides to all his clients.

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